Make it Easy for Customers to Do Business with You

by Claudia Bruemmer

Business in the wholesale industry can be very competitive. That’s why wholesalers need to make it easy for their customers to find them in the right vertical search directories, and then make it easy to conduct business. Some important variables include order response speed and customer service requests, the time to market with new products, your delivery speed and the overall customer experience on your site. Retaining customers and growing revenue from existing customers is vital to a wholesale company’s success.

Additionally, there are a wide range of electronic message exchange and business processes necessary in wholesale distribution, including ecommerce integration, punchout integration, purchase order exchange, invoice exchange, price and product availability verification and EDI integration. To achieve success, wholesalers need to streamline the following processes, which are further described below.

• Real-time integration between the ecommerce site and customers and suppliers
• Support for critical transactions and processes including punchout, real-time queries and business document exchanges
• Coordination between formats and protocols, allowing all companies to communicate with their native systems and applications

Ecommerce Integration. Ecommerce has changed the way purchases are made because of its convenience and ease of use. In B2B ecommerce, integration between the store and the buyers’ and suppliers’ applications is vital for a successful operation and essential for a seamless shopping experience.

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